Mister Mom – When A Father Plays Both Parental Roles

Mister Mom - When A Father Plays Both Parental Roles
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Just about any man out there today can father a child of their own, however there is a whole lot more to the role of being a dad in a kid’s life. For some dads, they end up taking on the responsibility of playing both roles, which can be referred to as the “mister mom” role.

A father is central to the well-being of his children on an emotional level, and fathers should be capable disciplinarians and caretakers. The wonderful thing about being a parent is that there is a lot of room to bring together different parenting styles until you find what works best for your family.

What Is A Father?

Even if you are playing both roles, the main role of a father is to be supportive, involved and affectionate with your child. It is crucial that you are able to contribute a great deal to the social development of your child, while working to supper academic achievement, building good self-esteem and fostering a sense of well being.

From the earliest moments of interaction with your child, your role as a father is to build a strong bond and relationship. Whether you have boys, girls, or both, being present and involved is important right from the beginning stages of life.

Mister Mom - When A Father Plays Both Parental Roles

The Dad That Plays Both Roles

If you are a father that is taking on both roles, whether you are a single parent or your partner is the one out in the workforce, it is all about striking a balance that works well for you, as well as your child(ren). Human beings are generally social animals and we all learn from the behavior that we see.

It is nearly impossible to over estimate the power of the father role. For example, studies have shown that girls that have a strong relationship with their father will usually do better in math. Boys that have fathers who are actively involved will perform better on tests and have better grades overall. Not only that, but well-bonded boys will have the ability to bring forth a sustained and stable sense of self.

Any father who is working hard to take on both parenting roles will need to be able to strike a balance, as this is what will be most healthy for the whole family. This is a role that requires a whole lot of courage, perseverance and strength in order to create a solid path of excellence for the kids. As a parent who does it all, you will find a great deal of satisfaction in watching your children grow and thrive, enjoying all of the accomplishments and troubles along the way.

Whether you are raising the child(ren) on your own, or you are simply taking on a lot of tasks for the working parent, you will see that this is a path that is achievable. On paper, you are truly a superhero for your family and all of the work that you do while playing both parental roles should be applauded.